The recycling program at Milepost 275 was inspired by my aunt Kathy who gave me a box of old jewelry pieces over the holidays.  Inside the box was a collection of single earrings, broken necklace pendants and random inspirations.  I realized that many of us have a box like that, jewelry that we always said we were going to fix, the orphaned earring of an awesome set, a broken necklace clasp or a pendant we don't wear anymore.  So the recycling program was born.

You can bring in retired items and depending on what you have, we'll trade for a pair of earrings from our Everyday Metals collection or give you a discount on a purchase from our other items for sale.  It's easier to work with things that were originally gold, silver, copper or brass.  I also look for interesting beads or natural items like stones, shells, or resin and try to limit plastics beyond some vintage pieces like lucite.  If you have questions, just let us know or set up an appointment to bring some things by.